5 Reasons You’ll Love Aerial Yoga

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Aerial yoga has quickly become one of the hottest movements to hit the yoga world in recent years.

There are many reasons to love aerial yoga because it is a graceful blend of yoga principles, deep breathing, and acrobatic postures and movements performed in a hammock above the ground, so you feel like you are FLYING! If you’re looking to take your yoga to new heights, then aerial may be just for you.

It has been causing a stir across the globe and the ripples are being felt from the homeland of India across to the Americas. Have you been left wondering what the craze is all about?!

Here are 5 reasons I think you’ll love aerial yoga!

1. Get a Brain Boost!

Aerial yoga is fun and makes your brain happy… literally! Our brains and bodies need to be challenged in order for us to grow and be the best humans we can be during this lifetime. If you come to your yoga mat every day and do the same thing expecting different results, you may start to feel a little stir-crazy (not dissing Ashtanga though… I definitely love a good dose of the Primary Series every now and then!).

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One of the BEST things about aerial yoga is that you get to go upside-down! In a way that is supported and comfortable. Many of the positions on the aerial yoga swing are like natural inversion therapy- you can release pressure in the spine and let it decompress from stress or any other tightness. It is a sweet release that makes your body go AAHHHHH…

BUT, in addition to that, going upside down floods your brain with more blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid which increases the production of neurotransmitters which just makes you FEEL better! AKA it’s an all-natural mood booster!

2. It’s FUN

Who says yoga has to the be same old vinyasa class? Aerial gives yoga WINGS so you can take flight! Yoga doesn’t have to be serious all the time, so it’s a chance to get outside your comfort zone and try something that you may never have thought you would do before… like fly, swing, and spin in a yoga class!

aerial yoga inspiration lindsay nova retreat sri lanka blog

It’s true, aerial yoga certainly has an acrobatic spin to it, but who said the path to enlightenment had to be serious all the time? Not only that, but working out and creating an amazing body YOU love can be fun. It doesn’t have to be a boring gym routine or overplayed Zumba workout.

Aerial yoga classes are so fun because of the community environment, you can feel like what a circus star might feel like for a split second, and the thrill of going upside down or spinning… with others laughing and having fun with you! It’s like your personal roller coaster- just keep breathing and all will be okay! Maybe even a kundalini shortcut… 😉

Oh yeah, and it might just make you feel like a mythical creature!

3. Go DEEP!

Everyone thinks yoga, oh yeah I’ll get a good stretch and maybe you thought you were already strong from all those chaturangas you had been doing. But have you tried Flying Plank Push Ups?! Yeah, that’s next level stuff right there!

Strengthen your core and stretch deeper than you ever have before.

So not only will you get stronger doing aerial yoga… but you will also stretch deeper. Using a soft hammock elevated off the ground supports different areas of the body with the assist of gravity so you can stay longer in poses and go further within your possible range of motion.

4. Do the Impossible

We all have those yoga poses we have been working on for years, or have always wanted to do but seemed impossibly out of reach. One of THE best things about aerial is that it is accessible to anyone! From children to the elderly, aerial yoga can make the impossible, possible.

Scorpion pose? Check. Handstand? Check. No-handed Handstand?! EVEN BETTER!!!

aerial yoga inspiration lindsay nova retreat sri lanka blog

5. Develop Sexy Self-Confidence

The nature of aerial yoga, which is a combination of sultry silks aka aerial fabric from the circus arts world with the mindfulness of yoga creates a playfulness like no other. Women (and men!) can feel sensual and graceful in their bodies, floating and flying through the air. Over time, with more practice, you will find your body becoming more supple and agile from the practice of aerial yoga which will translate to a positive self-body image as well as self-confidence to get out there and kick ass at life!

aerial yoga inspiration lindsay nova retreat sri lanka blog

So what are you waiting for? Go find your next aerial yoga class near you or join me for a teacher training today!

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