Rising Wings Aerial Yoga


About the Method


Rise your wings to soar & FLY!


Rising Wings Aerial Yoga is a comprehensive aerial yoga certificate program that is approved by Yoga Alliance. Learn aerial yoga with Lindsay Nova in epic places around the world!

We use a special double or single point aerial yoga silk hammock that allows your yoga practice to reach new heights. Learn how to perform inversions in the safest way possible while becoming more flexible and stronger than ever. Use the hammock as a prop to deepen your understanding of body alignment and yoga postures in new ways.

Perform incredible and daring feats in the aerial yoga hammock with grace and ease. Add the ultimate creative expression to your practice. Use the aerial yoga hammock for balance and spotting in difficult postures.

This Aerial Teacher Training was more than a certification. Besides from the attention to detail, from the amazing setting & vegan paradise to the teaching material there was a peaceful sense of love amongst our group. Lindsay gave us moral support, confidence and friendships. Loved the small intimate class size, the balance of curriculum between the aerial asanas, philosophy, breathing and anatomy, the balance between individual, partner and group work time, the ongoing feedback from our teacher Lindsay Nova. Forever grateful to the magical moment and all that I learnt.


Wellness Director, Thanyapura Health Resort Phuket

Rising Wings Aerial Yoga

Created by Lindsay Nova

Rising Wings Aerial Yoga is rooted in traditional yoga philosophy, wisdom, and asana. You will be delighted to discover that many hatha yoga asana you know and love can be performed with the support of the soft silk hammock. The main focus of our courses is on how to use the hammock as a prop to assist in finding greater range, strength, and support. All the poses you know and love so well will become like new again! It is a beautiful expression and expansion of traditional yoga in contemporary times.

Our aerial yoga is designed for all levels and abilities. Additionally, we encompass a vast variety of styles that ranges from vinyasa flow to restorative/yin yoga and even acroyoga.

Rising Wings Aerial Yoga benefits both experienced practitioners and complete beginners alike.

Why Rising Wings Aerial Yoga?

Rising Wings Aerial Yoga has many benefits: 

  • Spinal decompression of the intervertebral discs 
  • Overall muscular strengthening of the entire body, accessing and integrating parts of the body that are not easily accessible 
  • Deeper stretching and flexibility 
  • Increased core strength (beyond just the superficial abs- the deep core muscles!) 
  • Developing trust in yourself, others, and the hammock 
  • Improved joint stability and mobility 
  • Energizing and detoxifying effect by stimulating the inner organs, blood circulation, and lymphatic system 
  • Nervous system regulation and efficiency through spinal alignment 
  • Prevention of osteoporosis through compression of the hammock on bony joints 
  • Fun and emotionally uplifting, childlike sense of playfulness through physical postures, acrobatic movements, and mindfulness techniques 
  • Stimulates blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid to the brain to increase production of serotonin and other vital neurotransmitters to increase and/or stabilize mood- beat the blues by going upside-down! 
  • It can improve body awareness and develop new body skills, which there wouldn’t be an opportunity for in a ground-based yoga. 
  • Overall wellness and relaxation 
  • More self-confidence and connection to ourselves and others 
  • We emphasize vinyasa flow and movement in our classes 

Rising Wings Aerial Yoga was created because:


  • To create a fusion between the spiritual and philosophical practice of yoga to the fun, acrobatic world of aerial arts
  • This is an opportunity to move past your limiting beliefs on a physical level through challenges and obstacles, and come out on the other side stronger not only physically but also mentally. It will help you with the waves of life!
  • To create a community of like-minded people looking to improve themselves and the lives of others
  • To create a balance between strength, flexibility, mobility, and fun! Too many movement class only focus on one aspect.
  • To create a movement-based aerial yoga practice
  • This is created out of love to be in service of the greater good of the whole world, deepening our practices and learning more every day.

I completed my aerial teacher training with Lindsay in Sri Lanka in May and the overall experience was incredible. From the very beginning stages of planning the trip all the way through the end of the training program, she was there to help answer questions, give advice/ suggestions and share her knowledge and bright personality with us all. I would recommend working with her to anyone interested in aerial yoga. She creates a very safe, supportive and fun learning environment for her students!

Meghan Dwyer