25-hour Yoga Nidra & Chakras Teacher Training Course

June 23-25th, 2023 


with Lindsay Nova


Experience the transcendental nature of yoga nidra and learn how to teach it to others for uplifting, relaxing transformation.

Now more than ever we crave stress-relief and mindfulness to cope with our lives in the 21st century.

You can help instill peace in the world and that begins by experiencing peace within yourself. This offering is open for you to discover what you can transform, let go, and call into your life for intentional living and share it with others.

25 CEUs

25 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit

Daily Yoga Nidra Practice

Daily yoga nidras practices during the course with Lindsay Nova

2 Digital Manuals

2 digital PDF manuals with all of the information on yoga nidra and the chakra system

The Chakra System

In this course we will study the original 7 chakra system in-depth during the first 2 days. On Day 3, we will study the additional 6 accessory chakras such as the Earth Star, Soul Star, and High Heart chakras. This course will include lectures, discussion, guided meditations and journaling prompts.


What’s Included

This in-person course is for all levels. The yoga nidra yoga classes & chakra lectures will be accessible to everyone, from beginner to advanced practitioners.

What’s Included:

  • 25 of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit
  • Yoga Nidra Manual & Chakras PDF
  • Daily yoga nidra & chakra meditations
  • Methodology: Learn how to guide transformative meditation experiences using breath, body awareness, visualization, and more
  • Discussion of the subtle energy body and deep dive into the chakras and koshas (sheaths) to peel away the layers of yourself for greater spiritual understanding
  • Other topics include: sleep stages, brain waves, affirmations, and the history and development of yoga nidra

Yoga nidra is the yoga of sleep and is more restful than taking a nap. It is called psychic sleep because it rests the body and mind together. Your consciousness remains awake during yoga nidra, instead of sleeping in the astral plane such as what happens when you sleep at night.

The stress of daily life can create tension and steal your peace of mind. Yoga Nidra removes these subconconscious stresses and restores the serenity of your mind.

This is done by removing your samskaras, or unconscious karmic impressions, from your energy field. Just like a house needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain a functioning household, the same goes for our mind, which influences our behavior, responses, reactions, and thoughts every day. It also opens the door to illuminate your spiritual pathway.

Email [email protected] for more info, to register & make your deposit!

What will we do during the course?

Set out your intentions for joining the course and enjoy guided the guided yoga nidra and chakra meditations with lead instructor Lindsay Nova. Then we will break down all the theory, history, and use creative exercises to write our own yoga nidra scripts.

You will learn tips to infuse mindfulness, embodied breath, and health throughout your days with intention for greater purpose.

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About Lindsay Nova


Lindsay Nova is an internationally acclaimed aerial yoga teacher originally from Florida. With a background in dance, she discovered aerial arts and yoga as a teenager and never looked back. She is the creator of the Rising Wings Aerial Yoga teacher training program and retreats which she has lead on 4 continents. She has studied extensively in India various forms of yoga such as Ashtanga vinyasa, pranayama, backbending, and even aerial yoga. She is an E-RYT 500 / YACEP with Yoga Alliance and offers yearly retreats, teacher training, and online courses.

Lindsay will also be offering private Reiki sessions (she is a Reiki master), aerial yoga, and pranayama classes at the studio the week prior to the teacher training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it?

June 23-25th, 2023 

Times TBD

What materials do I need?

You will need a yoga mat, a notebook, a pen, your favorite tea and mug, water, and any sacred object(s) you wish to have nearby. You can also bring cushions, blankets, and eye pillows.

I’m new to yoga, is this for me?

This course is for all levels! The yoga nidra guided sessions will be accessible to everyone, beginner to advanced practitioners. 

I’m not interested in the certificate, can I just take the course for fun, relaxation, and my own interest?


Reserve your spot today by emailing [email protected] for more information!