Product recommendations

The aerial arts are so easy to fall in love with because they are so much fun! The only issue?

Buying equipment can get a little daunting because there are so many options out there.

Finding the right fabric, or the right rig that’s going to suit your needs and your budget takes a lot of research, so I’m here to help you with that process.

I’ve selected my top picks for aerial hammocks, aerial silks, and rigs to make your search a little easier, so you can find the best equipment and get right to the good stuff: flying on your apparatus!

Aerial Rigs


from UpliftActive

Why I love this: This A-Frame style rig made of stainless steel and magnesium alloy is strong, sturdy, yet light enough to travel with! It is fully height adjustable from 5ft to 11ft in 3-5 inch increments. The customizable height is worth its weight in gold, because you can fly on this rig even with short ceilings. Top bar connectors are included which make the most of the height and make setting up more of a breeze. There is also the option of purchasing a top bar extender which adds 8-10 inches! It comes with a carrying bag to bring you from point A to point B.

Considerations: Maximum user weight limit is 310 pounds, drops doubles, or swinging like a swing set are not recommended. The rig itself weighs 66 pounds, making it easy to carry by yourself. The Maximum Breaking load is 1500 pounds. The rig comes with a stainless steel top bar, telescopic legs, tension steel d-pins, nylon stabilizing belts, top bar connectors, hex key wrench, leg connectors, silicone pads for the bottom of the feet, and two carrying bags!

Price Tag: $859.99 and you also get a carrying bag

Need something taller?

Ludwig Quad Rig – 16-20 Feet

from Vvolfy

Why I love this: If you are looking to do drops, doubles, or wild and crazy moves that demand height, this is the rig for you. This rig is color customizable and can go as low as 7 feet and as high as 16-20 feet depending on what model you get. The rigging package comes with adjustable extension feet, straps with four clips, set screw, wrench, and all hardware for set up. For color customization you can choose from multiple options from black to even green and red. This rig can be left outside and stands up to the elements with its high quality paint. There are options for add-ons like adding a pulley system to rig your apparatus, and/or tie off cleats for tying off pulley ropes to the feet of the rig.

Considerations: The rig itself weighs 240 pounds, so it is not easy to carry. This rig is best if you plan on setting it up and leaving it up all season. In general the user rating is up to 400 pounds. When fully extended up to 21 feet of height the maximum breaking load is 1900 pounds. As the height decreases, the breaking load increases, so there is more strength at lower heights. If two users are on the rig simultaneously it is advised to refrain from doing large drops.

Price Tag: $2500 USD to $2715 depending on if you are color customizing or not.

Yoga Hammocks

My Pick: Uplift Active’s Yoga Hammock Kits

from UpliftActive

Why I love this: This full hammock kit is an excellent starting (or continuing) point for any aerialist. The fabric is super silky soft, lightweight, and breathable. It is rated for users up to 400 pounds. I love their color options, especially their ombre fabrics. This set comes with daisy chains and locking carabiners which is an excellent bang for your buck.

Considerations: This bundle comes with a low stretch nylon fabric that is made to support up to 2799 pounds of weight. The two screw lock carabiners can support up to 5511 pounds and are made of steel. There are also two 3.5 foot daisy chains which can support up to 4133 pounds of weight.

Price Tag: $119.99 for a yoga hammock that is 5.5 yards long

Unique Pick: Yoga Body’s Trapeze


Why I love this: The handles are a cool add-on for some different kinds of backbends. The multi-length padded handles are soft and provide an easy way to find traction in the spine. This set comes with daisy chains and basic carabiners. The color choices are limited to two different types, but still are aesthetic in purple and aqua.

Considerations: Parachute fabric can get a little scratchy and seems thin. It is not recommended to use this fabric for aerial dance or performance. This hammock is weight tested for users up to 350 pounds. There is an option to purchase ceiling hooks which support 300 pounds each (600 pounds in total). It comes with a 10-year, unconditional warranty so if it ever breaks they will send you a new one. The ceiling hooks are not made for drops or swinging.

Price Tag: $119 USD

Aerial Silks

My Pick: Uplift Active’s Aerial Silks
With Hardware Included

from UpliftActive

Why I love this: Choose between low to high stretch fabric to pick the ‘bounce’ or ‘give’ of your silks. The ‘silk’ fabric is soft while being easy to climb. There is a wide color variety from fruit green to lavender with options for ombres and prints. There are recommended heights, however, if you need something over 15 ft, let the company know and they can make you something custom. The equipment and the quality are really excellent and that price tag can’t be beat!

Considerations: This kit comes with two screw-lock stainless steel carabiners (CE & EN Certified) rated up to 25 KN, a figure eight (descender) made of high quality aluminum rated up to 32KN, a swivel (gimbal) made of high quality aluminum (EN Certified) rated up to 30KN, one construction grade 3 foot round sling with a working load limit of 2600 pounds, and a high stretch 100% nylon tricot.

Price Tag: $199.99 for 9 yards

Splurge Pick: Aerial Silks NZ

from AerialSilksNZ

Why I love this: These silks are hand dyed and highly customizable! I am in love with the pink and orange combo they have on their product page. You can ask for a solid color, a multicolored pattern, or even a side to side ombre. This company even allows you to pick the direction of the ombre, be it vertical or horizontal. There are additional add-ons for different rigging packages.

Considerations: It takes ten days for them to make the hammock as they are custom and made to order. If you wanted to add on a rigging kit, there are two different options that vary with price. Regardless, their kits contain heavy-duty industrial and climbing rated, EN Certified or Load Tested rigging hardware. The basic connect kit includes custom aerial silks, one figure eight and one steel carabiner. The swivel connect kit includes custom aerial silks, one figure eight, a swivel, and two steel carabiners. The fabric they offer is a low stretch 40 denier nylon tricot with a Working Load Limit of 661 pounds and a Maximum Breaking Strain across two strands of 6613 pounds.

Price Tag: Fabric Only $245 USD. The Basic Connect Kit $310. The Swivel Connect Kit $344 USD.