The Wandering Yogini Program


Through this 7-week program of coaching with me, you will receive:

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching meetings scheduled around YOU!
  • How to hone-in on what makes YOUR yoga special aka CLARITY on your message
  • How to create a well-rounded yoga business package
  • A chakra meditation worksheet for success and abundance
  • How to choose places you want to teach according to YOUR values
  • Ways to work through mental blockages about marketing yourself and hitting the SEND button to the amazing jobs waiting for you!
  • Lifetime Access to The Wandering Yogini Tribe Facebook Group


Week 1: Find Your Roots

Let’s discover why you love and teach yoga. What is your message? What is the story? What do you enjoy outside of teaching yoga? Think outside the studio. It’s the only way to get yourself abroad!

Also, we will take a look at your resume and get it super professional as well as take a look at YOUR network.


Week 2: Hone Your Niche

We’ll work together to create your unique offerings through workshop write-ups, crafting the perfect cover letter, and writing out your dream yoga life. Let’s turn dreams into reality, baby!


Week 3: Let Go of Blockages

What blockages are holding you back? We’ll work through them together through meditation, breathwork, and affirmation techniques.

Put words into action. Take action by researching jobs or retreat centers, look into hosting your own workshop locally, or any creative project you wish to develop. There is no limit to your own creativity and I am here to support you! Strengthen your willpower by developing the skills you desire to offer out into the world.


Week 4: Craft Projects You Love

Begin seeding your intentions to the world with love. Remember that you are fueled by your passions which help you listen to your intuition. Develop your yoga career as your dharma, life calling to serve the world as a divine vessel. We will work through any emotional blockages you may have through additional pranayama and meditation techniques together.


Week 5: Self-expression!

This week we will tackle social media and learn how to do it better! Don’t be afraid to market yourself. Get out there and do the damn thing! Share your gifts with the world.


Week 6: Embrace Your Wisdom

This is the wrap-up week. You have the whole package. Finish your final project, which may be a video, starting a YouTube channel or Patreon or anything your heart desires that we set out as your intention for this mentorship program.


Week 7: Final Recap 

Feel confident in how you present yourself as a yoga teacher to the WORLD!


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