Rising Wings Aerial Yoga Level 2 Advanced Training Manual


by creator Lindsay Nova

Manual Objectives:

  • Further your aerial yoga practice and teaching by learning new challenging postures and moves, as well as dynamic transitions
  • Learn modifications and variations to deepen your practice that you can share so your classes are accessible to everyone as well as a variety of ways to flip and spin into the hammock to spice up your classes!
  • Learn a set sequence and create your own that you can teach to an advanced or mixed levels class that includes preparation work into a peak pose or routine
  • Discover your authentic teaching voice to be confident and encouraging, at the same time playful and fun
  • Discuss various topics such as anatomy for aerial yoga and mindful marketing

This e-book is in PDF digital download format.

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The focus of this manual is on both flow and fun flips & tricks. Combined, you will learn how to safely and effectively sequence them together in a routine that utilizes the body and breath in new ways. The flow aspect of the training and classes is similar to a vinyasa by linking movement and breath together. Then we will take it to new heights by combining this with both traditional vinyasa-esque salutations in the air and on the ground, with peak poses flying high in the hammock. Additionally, we will explore more advanced traditional asana such as arm balances and other postures we can use the aerial hammock as a tool for deeper stretching.


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