Rising Wings Aerial Yoga Level 1 Foundations Manual


by creator Lindsay Nova

Rising Wings Aerial Yoga is a holistic practice that seeks to unite the body, mind, and spirit with playfulness and buoyancy not usually seen in traditional grounded, mat-based yoga classes. This practice is available to students of all levels and opens up a wide range of new experiences for them, going beyond what was previously thought possible on physical and mental levels. The aerial yoga hammock is a wonderful tool against limiting beliefs!

This manual includes over 90 aerial yoga postures, plus color photos, how to sequence them for teaching your aerial yoga classes, and more! This revised edition includes new postures, new photos, and even more insightful information for your teaching and aerial yoga business from the world-traveling expert herself.

This e-book is in digital PDF format.

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The philosophy of yoga is infused into the Rising Wings Aerial Yoga method, so the practice remains true to the roots of yoga and the aerial silk hammock is used a prop to support the practice. Techniques such as themes, story-telling, and other elements make all of the classes a lively and embodied experience, for students to deepen their abilities and understanding of their own limitlessness capability.

Additionally, attention to breathing and meditation is emphasized as well as alignment, cueing, sequencing, and anatomy. It is a potent and powerful tool to practice what you will eventually teach, and also to dive inward into a practice of powerful intention, integration, and expansion. This is more than just a physical fitness experience!

This manual will empower you to lead brilliant and bright aerial yoga classes infused with your own unique spark and essence. You have the power to lead intelligent, challenging, strong, fun and resilient flying yoga classes! Not only will this practice and manual deepen your physical asana practice, you will also find your voice and create space for transformation in others.


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