Why You Should Take an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

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Recently I was on Facebook and came across a post from someone in a group asking why they should take an aerial yoga training, because it seemed expensive or like a waste of time. I looked at the question and raised an eyebrow. With the explosion of aerial yoga today, more and more classes are popping up worldwide! And this means it’s more important now than ever to take a proper certification course if you want to teach!


This one is a big one! Many students often want to purchase aerial yoga equipment immediately after their first class. They want to hang one at home or from a tree outside. While these are definitely possible options and there are ways to do each safely, many beginner students have no background in what equipment to purchase and how to hang it.

Let’s face it, aerial yoga has a slight danger to it- you are putting your life in the hands of equipment to hold you up- and you expect it to do its job. Or, you expect your teacher to know how to safely and effectively guide and spot you into poses with their eye trained to observe any miscalculations.

You or your students don’t want to end up like this girl:


The truth is if your equipment fails while you are upside down, your head is quite close to the floor and the risk of injury is serious. We all love our precious brains, right?!

Additionally, many people come to yoga and aerial yoga with previous injuries looking to rehabilitate themselves, so it’s important for the teacher to have basic knowledge in anatomy and how to modify the hammock wraps for these specific populations. This includes those with spinal disc issues, wrist problems, knee injuries, and more.


Knowledge of proper rigging practice is also vital as an aerial yoga teacher and even student. As a teacher, it’s important to always check your student’s equipment before each class and also you can teach them to know what to look for as well (holes, unscrewed carabiners, etc.). This way everyone takes safety into their own hands.

And also, importantly, it’s essential that you supply and purchase the proper equipment- it’s all rated for human use and you know how to hang it correctly. I’ve seen incorrect rigging fail before, trust me, you don’t want that to happen!

Just because it’s yoga and not high-level circus acrobatics doesn’t mean we should take our job any less serious.

Now that doesn’t mean to go running, because aerial yoga is also super FUN and has many benefits beyond the basic safety practices!


Any amount of time spent on the aerial yoga hammock is sure to deepen your regular mat-based practice. Whether you wish to stretch deeper or conquer some inversions, aerial yoga will help it all. Many students report that they have noticeable differences in their strength and flexibility after attending a 5-day aerial yoga intensive course and teachers back home take notice of these changes, too! Some of the top mat-based yoga poses that aerial yoga helps includes the splits, headstand, and handstand. Watch my video here on aerial yoga conditioning for inversions!

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Some people may start their teaching journey with aerial yoga before other styles of yoga or fitness. If you don’t have any background in fitness, functional movement, or hatha/vinyasa yoga, it is important to understand the basics of sequencing. Learning to teach aerial yoga first thing can be a challenge because there is so much more to cue than in mat-based yoga with the addition of the hammock, but it will make teaching hatha or vinyasa much easier when all is said & done!


This again goes back to safety, that in your aerial yoga teacher training, you will get hands-on time to practice spot and adjust others in the course. This gives you real-life practice for situations that can and will happen during your classes!

However, the real icing on the cake is learning the oh-so-yummy feel-good adjustments that will enhance any yoga practice! These adjustments draw from therapeutic Thai massage, postural Iyengar, and deepening Ashtanga styles. The combination of releasing the body into gravity with a gentle push allows your practice to move forward at lightspeed, much faster than normal. So, if you have goals of getting those splits or touching the back of your foot to your head, find a good aerial hammock teacher near you to help or sign up for the next aerial yoga training.

lindsay nova partner aerial yoga thailand bali india


You may not realize it at the time, but when you sign up for an aerial yoga course, you build your community! It really doesn’t get much better than having a new group of people to support you on your aerial yoga journey, from cheering you on when you try new flips & tricks to supporting your latest business endeavors! Who doesn’t want to build their tribe?!

lindsay nova partner aerial yoga thailand bali india

Learning on your own can be fun, but sometimes it might look like this:



Oh yeah… let’s not forget this one! You get to invest in yourself! What’s better than that? When you invest in yourself, you immediately up-level your worth. Some people look at spending money as a negative, and if you look at it that way, then the negative will certainly come back to you. But if you spend money on investing in your future, then why not believe it will come back to you infinity-fold? It’s all in the mindset! If you invest in a training, then you can charge more. Period. End of story!


Finally, you will have a higher success rate after taking a course. Why? Because you will be educated, safe, fun, supported, and showing up for your practice and students every damn day! Your teacher training will open the doors for you to fill your classes, studios, retreats, and future trainings as a teacher!


If you have a Yoga Alliance accredited certification, you will be eligible to earn continuing education through specific providers, such as my courses here. And what better way to get educated than by spending it swinging around, flying high, and getting inverted?! I can’t think of anything that tops it!

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And let’s not forget the best part… aerial yoga opens you up to a whole new world of childlike wonder! We all feel it: the older we get, the more jaded we seem to become. Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to new heights, literally, has a profound impact on your self-growth, self-worth, and self-happiness!

As an adult, you may have forgotten this playful side of yourself, but who says the path to enlightenment has to be serious, anyway?! Why not laugh, fly, and swing yourself into the truth of remembering the bliss that you inherently are!


Need I say more?

  • Increased flexibility and strength
  • Stretches the spine through “inversion therapy” to decrease lower back pain
  • Boosts mood
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens your core
  • Get a new perspective on life!
  • Enjoy moving with grace and fluidity
  • It’s fun!

Join the next Rising Wings Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification Online with Lindsay Nova today!

See you in the hammock!



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