10-Hour Online Meditation Immersion


Learn meditation or deepen your existing practice under the guidance of meditation and conscious communication expert Manjeet Mathur of India (lead instructor) and Lindsay Nova, founder of Samanova Yoga. Course runs live on Zoom February 18-21st, 2021 for 15 hours of contact time in addition to weekly live guided meditations with Manjeet on Tuesdays at 7pm IST in January (check your time zone).

What You’ll Learn:

  • History of Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • 25+ Types of Meditation
  • Real-Time Meditation Practice
  • 25 Hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit
  • Recorded and live content you can download and keep forever!


Meditation is not about changing who you are, but rather about meeting yourself with where you’re at in the moment. You do not have to force your thoughts to stop. Meditation teaches you how to observe the inner workings of your being.

There are many meditation techniques and it is often performed in a seated position. There are a variety of ways you can sit and the sitting position can be modified for anybody. You can sit on cushions, little benches, or even a chair. The body is then required to remain still as you turn your focus inward. Anyone can practice meditation!


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