Yoga, Dance, and Everything Else

Yoga, Dance, and Everything Else

We all ask ourselves at some point in our lives, how did I get here today?! I was brought up in the entertainment world. From the time I was a little I always wanted to put a show on for my family. They enrolled me in dance classes when I was 4 and that became my...

How to Maintain a Creative Travel Fitness Routine

Traveling can often feel like a workout itself. The exhaustion of traveling leaves you with a similar buzz as exercising. Vacations and travel adventures are often filled with active excursions – maybe you’re surfing or hiking – but there is often more downtime than...

A Snapshot of Yoga in Nicaragua

A Guide for Traveling Yogi’s and Yoga Teachers in Nicaragua I spent 5 months teaching and practicing yoga in Nicaragua in 2016. I landed in San Juan del Sur initially, which is situated along the Southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The first place I took a yoga...

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